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EMVCo officially released international standards for two-dimensional code payment


In the positive promotion of China UnionPay, the International Chip Card and Payment Technology Standards Organization (EMVCo)  release "EMVCo users to produce two-dimensional code mode specification version 1.0 on its official website on 15th Jul. The global promotion and application of two-dimensional code should create a set of technical solutions UnionPay promote the international application of Chinese standards as a breakthrough.

CUP in early July 2017 on the member institutions issued the "China UnionPay two-dimensional code payment application specification" and the EMVCo published standards are fully compatible. Previously, UnionPay is also outside the promotion of internationally compatible chip card standard, CUP chip card standard is not only suitable for Thailand, Myanmar industry recommended standards, but also for the Asian Payment Union (APN) unified cross-chip chip card standard, help these countries and regional bank cards Industry to achieve the international standards from the magnetic stripe to the chip upgrade.

EMVCo is responsible for the development and maintenance of international payment technology and chip card standard (EMV standard).  Its existing members include MasterCard, Visa, JCB, American Express and Discover, in addition to UnionPay. With the development of emerging technologies, EMVCo's research scope has shifted from the initial chip card, and extended to pay mark, mobile payment, identity authentication and other fields gradually.



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