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Internet payment license fried nearly 1 billion high prices empty handed White Wolf pursuit of interest


"A payment Internet company pay&acquiring (local) ‘s license is for sale, there is no debt business, the price is 1 billion, please contact if needed."  Recently, a person in payment field told reporters that the current license for payment is highly in demand, and some license has been quoted to 1 billion RMB per piece.

In fact, as the payment of license is increasingly scarce, its price has been soaring all the way. One personal that in financial industry told reporters that in current market, the quotation the Internet payment license price are around 700 million RMB, 900 million RMB, some are more than 10 billion. However, the final transaction price is generally 30% lower than the market price. In addition, intermediate service providers will seek substantial profits from the general also, the intermediary service providers to get 1%-2% commission of the license price.

"Only the higher price quoted, the higher price sold." The people admitted.

The regulators have paid attention to the issue of buying and selling licenses. Recently, the People's Bank of China has issued the "fourth batch of non-bank payment institutions renewal decision" on its official website, the document shows that the 93 payment agencies announced, Licenses of Putian Jintong Payment Co., Ltd., Company, Beijing Jia Guang Technology Development Co., Ltd. and other nine payment agencies "payment business license" will not be renewed. Which mainly due to the fact that some licenses are suspected of repeated misappropriation and there are a large number of false merchants. Some payment business does not meet the standard requirements, there are security risks, unauthorized transfer, disguised transfer or even frequent transfer.

However, the current prices are differ from types of licenses, the most expensive offer was  the Internet payment license undoubtedly. "According to official data show that there were 66.33 billion transactions of internet payment business in 2016,, the amount up to 54.25 trillion RMB. Growth is 98.6% and 12.4% compared with 2015 accordingly. Accounting nearly 50% of the country on non-cash payment business, around 125.21 billion transactions. So that the license of internet payment is highly valuable, and will be more selling point if with mobile payment license."Li Zijian said.

Li Zijian said that as the current buyer market demand is really hot, but the regulation is still blank.

However, financial industry generally believe that the fourth batch of nine payment agency license can not be renewed thing reverted that the regulators will be much stricter on the resell of the payment license. In the future, the number of licenses will be reduced again, and the online presence will make the payment agency more transparent on the normative basis.



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