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Justtide Terminal Support Apple Pay with perfect payment experience


More than a year after the Apple Pay launched in the United States, Apple and UnionPay jointly launched Apple Pay mobile payment service in mainland China. For Apple, China is secondary to the United States. As the second largest market, Apple's global revenue accounted for a quarter of the past few years, Apple's performance is the main driving force with rapid growth, including Apple Music, Apple Pay and other new products and new business. Apple Pay is Apple's mobile payment solution with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014. The user adds the credit or debit card to the iPhone's Wallet application, which is then verified by the fingerprint identification technology and completes the transaction with the NFC near field communication technology and the payment terminal that supports the technology.

Apple Pay will face three key issues at least. In the United States, Apple Pay's payment service fee is charged to the issuing bank, but in China, pay the traditional "Quartet mode" (card organization, card issuer, Businessmen and collectors) how to reallocate profits is not clear; Finally, whether Apple or CUP can be like Alipay or WeChat, continue to provide subsidies or coupons to the country has been "spoiled" consumers.

In those POS terminal that support of Apple Pay's terminal, Justtide has a variety of forms including the intelligent terminal S1000 series and handheld mobile POS M3000 payment terminal products, both are suitable for different scenarios, covering a wider range of scenes, on the basis of ensuring security. The maximum optimization of user payment process, greatly broaden the scope of the use of fruit powder. Justtide’s payment terminal products have a richer use of the way and a wider access to the scene. Justtide S1000 is a new high-end intelligent  payment terminal with multi-function. (High-end hardware configuration, with security transformation of the Android system, in line with CUP certification and national certification requirements, also with rich interface, flexible scalability, high-definition camera, NFC, one-dimensional / two-dimensional code scanning function, ). Multi-type card reader function and GPS positioning function can be selected according to the actual needs.

For Alipay and WeChat for payment are really hot, Many major banks of China and China UnionPay are dissatisfied and anxiety. Apple Pay's entry may change the strategic landscape. UnionPay will have the opportunity to introduce new allies to defend its own market. But Apple Pay need to find a way to win the Chinese users firstly.

Justtide has a foreseeable layout in the smart payment terminal products, and commit to be the leader of the financial payment hardware industry.



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