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Kiosk solution


Kiosk solution

Principle of system

A three-tier structure model is adopted to the Justtide KIOSK solution design, which defined the interface layer, business logic and data exchange layer well.

Development platform and operating environment

1, development platform & Web server: Websphere 6.0 and above version, Client: Microsoft Internet Explore 6.0.

2, development tools: Eclipse 3.2 and above version,  Microsoft visual C ++ 6.0 Dreamweaver4.0 and above version.

3, operating environment & server operating system: RedHat Linux AS4 and above version, workstation operating system: Microsoft Windows2000, Microsoft Windows XP

4, The adopted technical standard, communication using TCP / IP standard agreement, the web browser uses the HTTP agreement. The user interface uses HTML and JavaScript programming, with dynamic interaction capabilities. There are also wireless communication module, support GPRS, GSM, CDMA and other networks.


· EPP encryption keyboard (independent research and development) with VISA standard. Cross-platform deployment, improve platform and system anti-virus capabilities and stability. The terminal of the access system is authenticated and recorded, and the customer's key data is encrypted.

· Standard device access supports WOSA / XFS 3.0 standard, generalization of service application device interface and device independence. Device-driven configurable management and dynamic loading. Multi-layer device service mechanism, providing equipment AP service layer.



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