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Electronic wallet solution


Wallet is mainly used for small payment areas, so electronic wallet is often understood as a small payment card synonymous. Used in fast food shops, gas stations, public transport (subway, light rail, bus), parking, road access and some unattended environment. And gradually to other areas of cross-sector penetration, such as some areas of the traffic card, there are some nominal industry card, because the industry's inclusive, in fact, Cross-industry use of small payment cards, such as commercial card issued by the commercial card, so sometimes we put some industry cards also known as electronic wallet. Because it objectively has the nature of electronic wallet.


There are two concepts of electronic purse: one is pure software, mainly for online consumption, account management, such software is usually associated with bank accounts or bank card accounts are connected together. Second, a small amount of smart card to pay, the cardholder prestored a certain amount of money in the card, the transaction deduct from the stored value account directly. Justtide’s is based on the second type.

Program characteristics

1, support key management

2, support card management for RF-SIM and contactless smart IC card.

3, support online / offline transactions

4, support function settings

5, support POS terminal management

6, Merchant Management

7, Cardholder Management

8, support data reports, transaction records

typical application

Azerbaijan Azercell electronic wallet system construction (applied successfully )



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