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Remote key Loading solution


Remote Key Loading solution


The Remote Key Loading (RKL) solution is a key management scheme based on the PKI system. The security distribution and management of the keys is achieved by asymmetric encryption technology, which greatly reduces the possibility of key exposures and facilitate bank management.


1, Enhanced security. Due to the download of the master key used asymmetric encryption technology, decrypting private key is stored within the TRSM of keyboard, which help to increase the security of the system greatly.

2, Cost savings & easy to use. RKL key distribute automatically. Key from the encryption machine is encrypted key and don’t need to download to the keyboard artificially, which greatly saves manpower.

3, Easier integration. RKL solution is independent of the platform, making integration easier, so that can be easily embedded in the original support RKL system. Due to meet the WOSA requirements, EPP can be embedded in the original RKL security system seamlessly.

4, Security and reliable system. Justtide has gotten the VISA certification, system is much safer and more reliable.

5, Easier deployment. As meet the PKI system standards and WOSA requirements, the deployment is more simple.

The system solution consists of four parts:

1, EPP, EPP is the carrier of private key and digital certificate, built-in security chip and file system, the user's private key can not be read easily, encryption and signature operations are completed within the TRSM also.

2, Service Provider (SP), Justtide’s SP supports WOSA 3.0 / 3.02 / 3.03 / 3.10 and RKL, conforms to international standards, which is easy to develop and expand.

3, CA (Certificate Authority) Center, CA is responsible for issuing certificates, identifying certificates, and management certificates.

4, Background Server. Background is for realizing the generation of the key and distribution of the encryption. The background server storage CA root certificate also, which can be used to verify the user's certificate and authentication user's identity.


Bank ATM encryption keyboard, counter POS and other keyboards that need to load the key and keyboard of self-service terminal, or distribution of some other master key. The user can encrypt the master key with the public key of the EPP and then sign it with his own private key.



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