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self-service Cheque payments terminal
  • self-service Cheque payments terminal

self-service Cheque payments terminal


Self-service Cheque payments terminal mainly provides a function such as entering the bill, checking the check, checking the receipt, checking the receipt and printing, and collecting the account management. Customers through the terminal login system to complete the check business self-service. Compared with the traditional check processing process, check-based self-service is mainly to change the manual processing of the check to self-help processing, from the generation of notes to the recovery of bills to form a complete closed-loop process of paper processing.

Product Details

1. 17 '' touch the bottom display

2. Receipt by receipt (thermal printer)

3. Card reader (electric)

4. Password keyboard

5. Check

6. Barcode reader

7. Non-access card reader

8. IPC

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