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Encryption Pinpad E6020-WE3025
  • Encryption Pinpad E6020-WE3025

Encryption Pinpad E6020-WE3025



1, PCI 4.0X

2, National secret certification

3, CUP certification UPTS2.0

4, Independent innovation of the key management system

5, Program Remote Upgrade RFU (Remote Firmware Update)

6, CE

7, RoHS


Used in ATM machines, CDM machines, CRS machines, self-service payment terminal,

Automatic recharge and other financial equipment; and information query, self-service,

Self-service ticket machines, self-service vending machines and other self-service equipment.

Product Details

Keyboard Performance:

1, Operating temperature -25 ℃ ~ +65 ℃

2, Storage temperature -30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

3, Dust and waterproof to IP65 level

4, Operating voltage + DC5.0V, operating current ≦ 400mA

5, With LED indicator and buzzer sound

6, Key life:> 2,000,000 times

7, Data retention time:> 5 years

8, Force on Keystroke: 2N-4.0N

9, Key’s travel: ≦ 0.5mm

10, MTBF:> 100,000 hours

Appearance Design:

High quality stainless steel material, graphic coloring and etching

The surface of the keyboard has a horizontal drawing or matte

Keycap graphic can be etching or relief, the function keys can have a colored icon

Facilitate the use of disabled people

Convenient for visually impaired users

All letters and numbers are patterned and filled with the black paint after etching

Function keys can have colored edges and can be filled with paint

Product Structure:

Panel size: 87.5 * 91.5 (mm)

Dimension: 137 * 106.5 * 27.5 (mm)


USB: Full Speed HID type

USB: Type B SMA Female

Algorithm & Encryption

Encryption Module Standard: IBM3624, ANSIX9.8, ISO9564-0 / 1/3, Diebold, Deiboldco, ECI2 / 3, VISA, VISA3, IBM-OFSET, VISA-OFFSET

MAC Standard: ANSx9.9, ANSx9.19

Support Algorithm: DES, 3DES, RSA, SHA-1, SHA-256

Support: XFS 2.0 / 3.03 / 3.10

Support National Secret Algorithm

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